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A Saucerful Of Tea
poem by
Nicolas D. Sampson

July 31, 2010

He took the tealeaves, placed them in the cup, added hot water, stirred, smiled, inhaled, and then, with a glint in his eye, poured a little drop in the saucer and drank it, sip, by sip, careful not to spill it; and Alice asked him why he did so, and he replied in all earnestness: […]

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poem by
Rae Spencer

July 26, 2010

Trapped in an oyster A grain of sand Swills sleek into pearl Precious relief, gilded To chafe no more But what of the sand Still sealed in the dark? Like the acorn That never sprouts Squirrel-dropped in an asphalt ravine Its infant heart strength And oak dreams Biding Like the last Passenger Pigeon Awaiting extinction […]

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