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Ivory Wave
Fiction by Dare Winner
Paul De Denus

February 24, 2011

When Clara Early hears her grandson Boyd is in the Itawamba County emergency room mindlessly raving about man-eating lobsters, she isn’t surprised. She is told he arrived drenched like a drowned rat and not from any immediate downpour. “The young man’s sweatin’ buckets and his hearts racin’ like Nascar,” the resident, a Dr. Stockwell says. […]

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fiction by Paul De Denus

February 22, 2011

Through a rusted hole in the floorboard, I can see the icy blacktop running away beneath us. It looks alive; passing headlights reflect the surface, an oily black serpent sliding quickly past while we sit frozen, speeding toward the border. Seth, the driver, a sometimes acquaintance, has coaxed me to come along; these other two […]

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