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The Blank Page
poem by
Christine Nichols

February 27, 2013

Their voices rise like dinner din. Too many hands tug at my elbow. “Write me,” salutes the jaunty sailor. His rogue smile and come hither wink are a salty breath of air. “Write me,” demands the bubbly little girl. Her red gold curls shine and bounce with the rhythm of tapping feet. “Write me,” whispers […]

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fiction by
Suvi Mahonen

February 25, 2013

Strands of light blue twisted, crossed over, then sank into the expanse of knitted wool only to emerge at the next stitch and repeat the pattern again. They ran in parallel symmetry, converging up to the pompom at the top of the cap. Around the circumference of the brim ran a border of yellow on […]

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