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View of A Lizard
Poem by
Roy G. Guzmán

May 30, 2013

From inside my room I see the side the lizard doesn’t fully reveal to others without, first, building a stronger acquaintance. At 5 o’clock a cloud is stuck between the lizard’s claws while it moves awkwardly, the cloud malformed. The reptile exits from the ribcage of a palm tree, the tree made of glass, hundreds […]

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There Were Two Sofas and Three Chairs
Fiction by
Tim Knight

May 27, 2013

If it were any other house there would be an atmosphere of the living swelling around, food floating in on a draft and probably a radio stuck on Eddie Mair somewhere. This was not the case. Carepins funeral home was a lot larger inside than the garages and small suited men outside had first suggested. […]

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