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Breaking poem by Rae Spencer I shattered my house of panes With a single well-phrased toss I don’t know why I thought that stoning you Would help me breathe I built this gleaming house To protect me from my life As another...

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A Change in Direction poem by Katie Keys Coming back to a change in direction the breeze blowing east in the eddies of a climate that makes liars of newsreaders nightly spins me round on myself and blows away resolve Back to Cover

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Oops! We set out with expectations. It is these expectations that determine the paths that we will decide to take. If we are looking for water, we follow the sounds of the trickling stream. If we want snow,...

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Eureka! Many of the best discoveries came from mistakes. Very few people set out to discover the thing they find. They were digging a subway in Rome and found ruins. They were lost on vacation and found the most...

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Tea & Sympathy prose by JM Prescott Draw me a bath because I broke my pencil and it’s too hot to wear clothes. Hold me underwater until every room inside my soul is rinsed clean of this heat. There is blood under my fingernails that won’t...

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Leaf & Lizard
A Chapbook by JM Prescott & Sairah Saddal

The Editors at The Glass Coin have teamed up to publish a chapbook. Poetry, fiction and prose make the pages come alive with stories and honest expression. From the  catching opening of Saddal’s Observance to the mysteries behind Prescott’s by Oliver Hemlock, the authors take you on a journey exploring the dark and dusty corners of themselves. And because they dare to ask themselves the hard questions - you will dare to answer them.

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The Glass Coin comes to you without charge, but that doesn’t mean it’s free. Join the Collectors who support the work we’re doing here. Every coin you donate will go back into The Glass Coin, making it even better.

The Glass Coin

Rare Coin Collectors

The Glass Coin would like to thank those who have helped us launch this year.  MediaDoc and Guelph Spoken Word are among those  who have given of their time and resources in both small and big ways to make The Glass Coin what it is. And in that sense, they are Rare Coin Collectors.

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