Anchors in People
Poem by Jeff Wimperis

August 12, 2013

On a summit of sharp stone, atop slopes of wintry slush,
The children of people play as I watch

In their midst I belong? They who I see,
They who can see, but of me take no heed

In circles they run, eager can tell,
To one day become people themselves

Prejudice their fathers, condition their eyes
Filter their sight, to see in their like

Lenses they form, frozen and thick,
Shapens their world til none else exists

What barriers in people, of thousands we meet
How do we breach, unknown what they seek?

A few steps I venture, a few heads up raise
Threat in their eyes, for now I am made

An avalanche triggered, the mountain ablaze.
Foreign I’m felt, the people they rage

I trip and I stumble in flight to a slope;
I call on you now, the one I loved most

At my side you appear, weaker in form,
Abused I your memory, against what I’ve sworn?

My hand in yours once more do I feel,
An anchor in coldness, the people draw near.

You route my escape, down snow covered slopes,
Winding and lonely, for what can I hope?

Please change your mind, I plead more than ask
If changed is your future, erased is our past

Cupped in my hands your head gently rests
Decide for us both, for soon I’ll have left

Know that I love you, she tells me my dear
And now be you gone, the people are near

Your anchor will wane, succor I once was
If on me you dwell, so often, so much

Your heart will grow cold, colder and freeze;
On a summit of stone, of people you’ll be.


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