Don Thompson







Don Thompson was born and raised in Bakersfield, California, and has lived in the southern San Joaquin Valley for most of his life. Now retired from teaching in the prison system, he lives with his wife, Chris, on her family’s cotton farm in the house that has been home to four generations.  

Thompson has been publishing poetry since the early sixties.  Publications in this century: Been There, Done That (2002), Turning Sixty (2006),Where We Live and Sittin’ on Grace Slick’s Stoop (2009).  Back Roads won the 2008 Sunken Garden Poetry Contest. Everything Barren Will Be Blessed was released in 2012, and a collection of prose poems, Keeping an Eye on the Stones, is forthcoming.  Alan Jalon’s LA Times profile, “Planted in the San Joaquin,” remains available online.



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