May 31, 2010

Today isn’t about beginnings. One thing starts today, but in beginning, it ends many things. A partnership is formed – I am responsible to more than my own dreams. Connections are made – so I am no longer isolated in my work. I am now an editor – so every introduction I make will include more than “I’m a writer”. The Glass Coin begins. Yes. But everything before The Glass Coin comes to an end.

Sometimes new endeavours seem daunting and scary. This is because of what we leave behind; what finishes or is set aside in order to have the new. Our fear is simply mourning the loss of something familiar; something that defined us for a while. It’s as though a part of us is ending with the end of that part of our lives.

Successes are endings and so endings are success; much more than the start of anything. The first day of school is a big deal because it’s the last day of no responsibility. And still, the first day of school is nothing compared to graduation. We celebrate marriage because the couple is leaving behind their single lives. We celebrate the birth of a first child because the new parents leave behind their lives before parenthood. We celebrate the last day on the job because of all the years spent working, not because of the few years we’ll spend in retirement. We define what we do next by what we leave behind – by what ends.

Nothing begins without creating an ending. Sometimes we’re so clouded by what’s ahead that we forget what’s fallen behind. As I sit here, writing my first editorial, I realize that my life has changed in a few sentences. There is no going back. What has ended is sealed by the words I type. The world I knew before The Glass Coin is over.

I pause.

I feel the clouds build in my eyes and I look out the window. It’s the perfect day today; blue skies; warm sun; slight breeze; rich greens outside my window. The tears stop before they come. Winter outside my window was beautiful too – I remember the layers of white – but I’m glad it’s spring.

My life before The Glass Coin was beautiful. Its ending is beautiful. No tears. No mourning. But I pause in the quiet and listen to the sound of the end.


JM Prescott – Editor
The Glass Coin

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