It’s there, not always, where you hope
Poem by Anthony J. Langford

August 15, 2013

If things aren’t clear
It’s because you’re not looking hard enough
The answers are there
Or at least
The truth
Though be prepared to find it
Not to your liking
It may be disguised
Dressed up in a way
That appeals to you
As that what deception is
A lover
Doing all the right things
Telling you what you like to hear
And yet who conspires
Behind your turned shoulders
Turning your beliefs
And others
Against you.

At other times
Of indiscriminate natures
The truth is more apparent
And yet, so hard to believe
That it’s preferable to dismiss
It’s elusive
Eel oil forgotten passwords
Yet it is ever present
In some form or another
We simply have to learn
How to recognize it.

Though there will always be some
(Too many)
Who prefer to lay faith in the mask
It promises,
So much more.


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