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Sand Dunes and Sunsets
poem by
Bill Lapham

May 30, 2011

I carried you up a sand dune before you died —a big sand dune, just to watch the sunset. I drove in the rain to see you in the hospital when I was still learning how to drive. I cried at your funeral, but my heart didn’t break until I saw that single rose. I [...]

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The Dirty Dance We Do
poem by
Bolton Carley

May 26, 2011

Cool, rainy, worthless day - Our love-hate relationship continues. No tanning weather For my Vitamin D fix And your puddles hinder my running, But maybe you are my excuse Because big girls don’t cry About crappy weather. We snuggle under blanket layers With our BBQ kettle chip bag Escaping to Kellerman’s With Baby and Johnny [...]

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