poem by P.A.Levy

June 17, 2010

We’ve come to the end of a dead end road,
there used to be a factory here that made
small things and shiny things
but not anymore.  Now there’s a shell,
an insect carcass, a quiet as death carcass,
padlocked and lifeless in pools of broken glass.

Brambles and rusted metal
sprout from cracked concrete
in a dandelioned winter garden landscape
under the sunset of a broken empire.

Waiting for spring
night fell, silently collapsing
as we were standing there,
and it kept on descending until it met up
with the light of the moon and they made sweet
silhouettes together.

So we watched until the rotting carcass
became just an indiscernible spirit.
We watched until that too disappeared
into the same atrophying notions
that had once engulfed us like a depression

until we stopped caring about
the small things and the shiny things
and realised we had come to the end
of our dead end road.

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One Response to Meltdown
poem by P.A.Levy

  1. Lily Childs on June 17, 2010 at 9:42 pm

    Ths is beautiful poetry declaring nature’s exquisite decay.

    It made me me feel sad yet resignedly elated; I felt the same watching the floating white bag scene in ‘American Beauty’.

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