Black Fuchsia
poem by Erin Cole

September 20, 2011

She stood in the backyard
eating cherries,
sweet nectar ripe on her tongue,
black fuchsia splattered
on white cotton.

She looked at the outside
like a picture,
nothing moved—
life seized of action.

Might she cut it in half

with her sharp incisors,
peel back the page,
see what is
on the other side of life…

A white surface
with black fuchsia splatters,
or another neighbor’s cherry tree?


One Response to Black Fuchsia
poem by Erin Cole

  1. Lily Childs on September 20, 2011 at 11:54 am

    Powerful yet exquisitely delicate in equal measure. Black fuchsia splatters - gorgeous imagery.

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