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Welcome Welcome to The Glass Coin [dot] com. Look forward to our first issue BEGINNINGS & ENDINGS coming in June 2010.

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Both Sides Of The Coin PERSPECTIVES Emotions, Feelings. Words. Yes, most of all, words. To say. To hear. To ponder.  Yes to ponder. To analyze. To dissect. To discuss till all possible meanings, intended or otherwise,...

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The Coin Editors

JM Prescott

JM Prescott’s brain was forged by Mary Shelley somewhere north of Toronto, where she taught herself to read as editor-in-chief of Panda Bear Magazine (out of print). Then she slowly moved south. She got as far as chapter one of Lord of the Rings and the Carolinas, when she decided she’d had enough of quests and turned around. Follow her on Twitter or her blog A Reader’s World.

Sairah Saddal

Born to write and read, Sairah is a body whose soul stretches between the malls of Ontario and the bazaars of Pakistan. Confined by code, set free by words. She enjoys tossing out contradictory statements that sound good when rolled off the tongue. Dirty dishes, books and soapsuds fill her kitchen sink. Follow her on Twitter or her blog Disjoint Widom.

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