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Welcome Welcome to The Glass Coin [dot] com. Look forward to our first issue BEGINNINGS & ENDINGS coming in June 2010.

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Both Sides Of The Coin PERSPECTIVES Emotions, Feelings. Words. Yes, most of all, words. To say. To hear. To ponder.  Yes to ponder. To analyze. To dissect. To discuss till all possible meanings, intended or otherwise,...

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Upcoming Themes

Here is a list of themes for upcoming issues. Please read our guidelines before you submit.


These are the points in time and space at which thoughts, hopes, and even meanings start or stop. The origin, the source, the first cause. The termination, the destruction, the final word. The first line of a novel or the period at the end.


A painter’s pallet is not the only application we’re looking for, nor are we specifically interested in things that don’t mix. Is it the colors that draw you in? Or the act of making meanings out of them?


Life is a series of discoveries and mistakes, success and failure. But we don’t use exclamation marks lightly – theses are impassioned expressions. Highs and Lows.  Great accomplishments, achieved. Goals, sough and missed.


The fire bird scorching the skies. The ashes of its death. New life. Elements of the fantastic and hopes for a second chance. We are expecting fantasy for this issue, and are looking forward to it. But if you can cover the topics without fantasy, we’re intrigued.


In the portrait of a woman or the body of a statue called Figure 1, the human form and face evoke in us an emotional reaction and a sense of mystery. Are our emotions contrived, or real? Is our body language in tune with our words? Does the smile distract us from the spear held to our throat?


When a door closes, somewhere a window opens. Or does it?  Do we watch the world go by, or do we jump in?  Do we hide behind locks and curtains or open our world to a cross breeze?


Tea with Great Grandma on a Saturday afternoon. Or a private audience with the Queen. UFOs spotted on a cloudless night. A child trying to hold a piece of the ocean in her hand.

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