Anatomy Fidelity
poem by Angel Zapata

January 17, 2011

Pale skin,
assume the throat a banquet;
intimate attire.

Shock of white,
snow to frost the scalp
tundra thin.

Saffron, cyan,
bruise raven plume perfume,
scent and sense.

Coal, auburn ash,
leaf to autumn wind release;
cauterize lips.

Stone shoulders,
freckles shrug brittle vermillion
taste, haste.

the archer fingers a ballot.
Arrow, areola.

Nexus penumbra,
center of gravity; spool
spindle invisible.

Porcelain chariot,
a silver ladle furrows the well.
Pubic synthesis.

Femur, fever,
new sinew flexing equidistant,
terminate toes.

Anatomy exemplary;
ode to composition, owed
to design, the sign.

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