Predicate Etiquette
Poem by Demelza

June 1, 2013



Welcome to the first installment of our new partnership with NarratorAUSTRALIA,  a showcase of creative writing for new, emerging and established writers across Australia. A shared love of words and stories has led to an actual sharing of words and stories.

NarratorAUSTRALIA editor Jennifer Mosher has chosen the poem below as the inaugural contribution to The Glass Coin. We hope you enjoy it.



Predicate Etiquette



Euphemisms, idioms, metaphors and similes

Spoonerisms, superlatives, syntax and redundancies


Do I need to know the meaning before I can write an essay?

Or is it just a screening test to keep my mind in disarray?


Positive, progressive, possessive or comparative

Expressive or imperative, reflective or a narrative


I’m so completely full of adjectives

(I think I need a laxative!)


Infinite and definite, predicate and irony

Homonym and acronym are they a form of tyranny?


If I could grasp the concept of the meaning of these terms

Would I be a better writer or an apple full of worms?


To intimidate or educate by passing an exam?

Will it make me more intelligent or fill my head with spam?


I’d like to be impressive, expressive and compulsive

But the logistics of linguistics to me are just repulsive!



This poem won the Editor’s Pick award at NarratorAUSTRALIA on 23 November 2012.



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