Water from the Moon
Poem by Christopher T. Garry read by Sarah Scheller

March 24, 2013

Ah, the rain, so soft she’s speaking as I wait for dawn its breaking;
Hope is mine and swilled so sweetly by the breath of her warm words.
Thunder’s quietly consoling, lightning strikes but has no holding;
All the trees are silhouetted clearly `gainst the sights I’ve heard.
Lifted, bathed, exonerated, clinging to the sounds I’ve heard-
By her words I’m reassured.

Endless are the drops of water-fill the Earth, I’ll not have caught her;
Time is gone. I stare entranced with eyes of depth I’ve ne’er observed.
Harsh a mistress she’s eternal, yet upon me smiles are vernal;
Far away she seems to be and by this people are deferred.
Far away she seems to be but by this I am not deferred-
By her words I’m reassured.

Time’s aside as if resigning letting dawn come past it shining;
Moon reflecting, waiting, holding, as to hear a winged bird.
There! A winged bird is singing, telling of the morning’s bringing;
Helios burning brightly waits to watch the new day spurred.
Stardeath waits, forever awaiting it-the last day spurred-
But in dawn I’m reassured.

Nothing shining, reflecting, burning brightens these my eyes discerning
Lonely Luna, listlessly floating is the sole companion heard:
Still she promises comfort raining. Can she though without it staining?
Helios fading, quietly asks her, tells her truths `til out he’s burned.
All consuming is the blackness, nothing left that can be burned-
In this darkness I’m unassured.

Eyes are gone in this great darkness, time resumes and I am hopeless;
Lost am I while rain continues falling, showering my head turned.
Dreams of mine are lost forever, not to be found in this foul weather;
Consolations merely thunder, rain becomes of water from her.
She alone lives in her darkness; rain becomes of water from her-
Dreams alone can reassure.

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